A BIG Thank you to Everybody for your Support of MOTU's McGuires WED Night Blues Series that began in 2008 and ended in 2010.  Thanks to The RoadHouse Jesters for hosting this series and to all the Great Performers that graced the stage at McGuires including Johnny Feds & Da Bluez Boys, JP Blues, Tommy Keys, Pam Betti, Ken 'The Rocket' Korb, FOG, The Vertigos, Sugar Blues, Buddy Mann, The FSO Blues Band, and many more. Last, but not least, a huge thanks to John of McGuires for supporting the local music scene so graciously. 

Check out (below) some past performance videos of MOTU from McGuires (note:  "FIRE ON THE SANDS OF DAWN" is the COMPLETE Live Performances @ McGuires DVD of MOTU & The RoadHouse Jesters - Recorded in Hi-Def Video, 32 Track Digital Stereo and is available at:  http://www.moturecords.com/ ):

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